The Early Days

My Early Days

Before I became a Christian I had a number of supernatural, demonic encounters linked to my mother’s involvement with witchcraft. God used these encounters to lead me to Jesus in May, 1994.

Soon afterwards, my family and I joined the Potter’s House Church Parramatta under Pastor Rob Walsh. I became a disciple and served faithfully in that congregation.

My wife Sharon and I have been happily married for 32 years. We have five sons, all living for God in the Parramatta church. Two of my sons are married and I have 5 grand children.

My Ministries

My Ministries

In 2007, we were launched out to pioneer a church in the city of Eastwood, a suburb of Sydney NSW. Eastwood is predominantly an Asian population and in the six years we were there God built a strong church that has disciples and is still going strong.

After Eastwood, I served as an Assistant Pastor to Pastor Rob Walsh in the Parramatta church for four years.

For the past three years I have been pastoring in Bankstown in South Western Sydney, which has a very strong Muslim influence. We saw God do many great things over the last three years.

My Calling

My Calling

I have always been stirred for evangelism and contending for the supernatural. In the 13 years of my pastoral ministry, I have prayed for the sick and have seen many miracles. One notable miracle was a three-year-old girl who drowned and was dead for almost 20 minutes but raised back to life after I prayed for her.

God uses me in the gifts of prophecy, words of knowledge, healing and in discerning of spirits. I contend to bring a Pentecostal Holy Ghost revival experience in every meeting I preach.

I am very excited about what the Holy Spirit will do in and through our world-wide fellowship and in each and every local church and would be blessed to have an opportunity to minister in your church.


"If you want to have a Holy Ghost time and upset the demons in your city 'then he is the man' to book."
Pr Hoang - The Potter's House Fairfield (NSW AU) - Full letter in PDF
"Many healed! – One miracle, an Indian lady with severe back pain for many years. Her son came simply because she could not manage to walk on her own and needed support to move. Cory Bourne prayed for her, the power of God was all over her and she was immediately healed. She was crying with relief."
Pr Scott McGrath - The Potter's House Hamilton (NZ) - Full letter in PDF
"He pioneered the Eastwood Church, assisted me in Parramatta and then took over a local church before responding to his long term calling into evangelism. Cory has always ministered with an evangelist’s gifting– a gifting evident to all those who know him or who have had him preach in their congregations."
Pr Rob Walsh - The Potter's House Parramatta (NSW AU) - Full letter in PDF
"Evangelist Bourne gave several spot-on, encouraging words to people in our church and prophecies in general, people were healed in their bodies, and there was noticeably a real deliverance element to his ministry which continues to play out in the lives of the members of the St Marys' church."
Pr Theo Alexandrou - The Potter's House St Marys (NSW AUS) - Full letter in PDF
"Evangelist Bourne's influence doesn’t stop when he is finishing preaching. He is great after the service with the people. He is a welcoming person accepting all who come."
Pr Darryl Munckton - The Potter's House Wollongong (NSW AUS) - Full letter in PDF